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  • How do I get to Cuesta Bella?
    From San Juan del Sur it is very easy, our entry is located five kilometers from San Juan del Sur via the main paved highway.
  • What is the closest airport from Cuesta Bella?
    The closest international airports are LIR (Liberia, Costa Rica), and MGA (Managua). More people prefer flying into Costa Rica and coming into Nicaragua over the land border, reason for that is lower costs, less layovers and more direct flight options. From Liberia to Cuesta Bella it will take you approximately 2 hours plus time at the border. From Managua to Cuesta Bella by road you are looking at 2 hours and 30 minutes.
  • How do I get to Cuesta Bella from the airport?
    Different options are available, we can arrange private transportation for you. Contact us for cost and reservations.
  • Can I build a self-sufficient house in Cuesta Bella?
    We encourage the utilization of non‐fossil fuel energy (solar, wind), the collection of rainwater and the usage of grey water for planting purposes.
  • What are the building regulations and restrictions?
    You can custom-build your home at Cuesta Bella, the Board of Directors will review your design to ensure they follow the building guidelines and respect the setbacks and heights restrictions.
  • What can I expect to pay in closing costs?
    Depending on the price of the proper you can expect to pay a transfer taxe of 2 to 5% of the deed price; Municipality tax averages around 1% of the deed price; Property registration is also around 1% (with a maximum of 30 000 Cordobas or the equivalent in US dollars; Legal fees minimum 1 and up to 1.5% of the purchase price; We suggest you request a quote from the law firm you are planning to use you will then get better knowledge and up to date % and costs for your specific purchase.
  • Is there HOA’s fees to pay?
    Yes, you have annual HOA fees to be paid. The HOA fees cover services such as: road maintenance, drainage systems, green areas maintenance and night security on common grounds; The current HOA fees are 500$/year for raw land and 800$/year after breaking grounds.
  • Do we have water service on the property? What are the costs?
    There are wells at Cuesta Bella. Those wells pump water to tanks and are then gravity fed back to the property lines; All connection costs are on the account THE PROPRIETOR and will be charged a connecting fee of $30.00 for the right of the water meter, (water meter, internal system, etc); The consumption of water will be charged at $1.50 per cubic meter (m3) up to 20 m3 a month and the amount $2.50 after that.
  • How long after purchasing the lot do we have to start building?
    The home construction should commence no more than 10 years from the purchase of their lot; All owners will have two years to complete the construction of their home once construction begins.
  • Are commercial usage permitted?
    In phase 1 to 3: The property is NOT to be used to develop any type of commercial or industrial activities. No commercial or industrial activities use of lots is permitted; ***However homes can naturally be rented out as vacation or long term rentals. In phase 4 you will find some commercial lots available, some restrictions apply.
  • Can we rent our house for short or long term rental?
    Yes, short and long term rentals are permitted. You do remain responsible to ensure that your renter respect the peace and quiet of others. Property management program can be provided, additional fees will be charged for this specific service.
  • What are the average building costs?
    Building costs may vary according to many elements, to plan your budget you can consider the average building costs to range from 95$ to 140$ per square foot. Depending on the materials, finishes, equipment and many other factors.
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