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Cuesta Bella Lots


Cuesta Bella offers over 45 lots, each with a minimum size of 1/4 acre. The development features a range of lot sizes and topographies, catering to various preferences and requirements. With different views available, residents can select a lot with their preferred scenery, be it a valley or ocean view. For those who want nothing but the best, premium lots with 360-degree views of the ocean, Ometepe Island endless valleys, jungles, three different bays and the mountains of Costa Rica are available. Additionally, all lots come with access to essential services such as water and electricity, ensuring maximum comfort and convenience for homeowners. Experience the perfect blend of nature and modern amenities with this exceptional community development.

Cuesta Bella phase 1

Phase 1


Cuesta Bella Phase 1 plan

Lower on the mountain phase 1 lots enjoy beautiful valley views and lush greenery. These lots are the most economical in the development, but still enjoy the solid infrastructure provided by Cuesta Bella.

Phase 2

Cuesta Bella Phase 2 plan

The majority of the phase 2 lots sit atop of the mountain with beautiful ocean views and some with views of Costa Rica, Ometepe Island, Lake Nicaragua and the Pacific.

Cuesta Bella Phase 2
Cuesta Bella Phase 3

Phase 3

Cuesta Bella Phase 3 plan

The larger lots of phase 3 offer themselves to a wider range of options for owners.  Still beautiful views and jungle life to offer.  Most of the monkey families live in this area.

Phase 4

Cuesta Bella Phase 4 plan

The large phase 4 lots are zoned for commercial use. These lots will provide services to the entire community. Imagine a country club for the residents of Cuesta Bella!

Cuesta Bella Phase 4
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