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Manzanas for Sale Listings

Under contract

This beautiful piece of land for sale spans approximately 7.5 manzanas, offering a unique blend of diverse landscapes. Nestled amidst the mountains, it provides breathtaking views of the surrounding jungle, valley, and ocean, making it a perfect spot for nature lovers and those seeking a serene retreat.
The property is characterized by its tranquil and peaceful environment, few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It's an ideal place for those who value privacy and tranquility, offering a unique opportunity to live in harmony with nature.
One of the key features of this land is its easy accessibility. It is well-connected by well-maintained roads, ensuring that you're never too far from the conveniences of the nearby towns or cities.
Whether you're looking to build a dream home, establish a retreat center, or simply invest in a piece of paradise, this land offers endless possibilities. Its stunning views, coupled with its peaceful ambiance and easy access, make it a highly desirable property.


~568335 sqft



~53000 m2

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